Danny Baby.

Last year my friends and I started this weekly show called "the Hallway Show". Each week someone would pick a pop culture icon and everyone would submit their interpretation of the figure. We didn't have actual gallery space to hang these shows, so we started taping them to the wall outside one of the classrooms. It started to catch on big time and by the end of the year we had enough images to compile a whole book about it. My friends Nikki Desautelle and Matt DeBeul put together a book on Lulu that you can purchase here.

Well, lo and behold, Chelsea Kirchoff decided it was about time to start an internet version of this collective effort, since we are all now graduated and can't go back to old times.

It's the Hallway Show, and it's great. So, for good time's sake,
1. Make a Danny
2. Tape it up.

Now, if only we could all find a way to virtually meet at Circa Saloon or Cass Cafe...