Let's Save Michigan

Fellow illustrator Mike Burdick gave me a heads up awhile back about a poster contest the DIA was hosting for the organization, "Let's Save Michigan." He suggested I submit a poster I had done for a class assignment last year that was under almost the same specifications as this contest. The only difference this time was, I had to use the phrase "Let's Save Michigan" in the design.
I'm glad I decided to re-work my old poster, which the more I look at it, the more I wanted to fix it and make the presentation a little neater. I had hand drawn the elements in the original design (it was part of the assignment to use both traditional and digital techniques.) In the revised design I re-built all of my shapes in Illustrator to make everything crisp and nice.

The old design said, "Support Local Business, Shop Resale."
I think the phrasing on the new design makes a little more sense so I'm glad that worked out.