Welcome Home

Work has been very busy for me so I have had absolutely no time to do my own art...work is good though, I am going to have my first full line of products out in stores in January. I am proud of this because not only is this my first "collection", but it's a big program and I love the art! It's a vintage inspired, flea market look. I can't wait to share what I've done with everybody!
However, despite being busy at work and lacking in my own personal work, I did recently get my first freelance illustration job which I am very excited for. More to come on that later.
I have been updating my apartment a lot and trying to make it feel like "home." You  might remember seeing this post over a year ago. I thought it was so cozy back then, but that might be because prior to that, I was living with a bare bed and a camping chair in the living room and that was basically it.
Now, things are looking WAY cozier. I've put a lot of work into my apartment, spanning over the past year. Here's my home now: