This year I participated in my first Ornament Swap hosted by the FreshlyBlended blog. I got a list of 9 other people who I would be making ornaments for, and they would send me an ornament in return. There were a few from the East Coast, a few from the West Coast, and one from Germany...sadly, I never received the ornament from Germany. I guess I was kind of expecting it, but still a bit disappointing, I admit!

 I liked the idea of doing a terrarium ornament (terrariums are super popular right now and I think they are great) but I am kind of low on extra money and thought making a large ornament would cost a lot to ship 9 times over.
So I found these teeny tiny medicine bottles from a seller on etsy. They are about an inch tall and tiny tiny tiny. I cut off tiny sprigs from an evergreen bush and painted them white and sprinkled glitter on them. The finishing touch, not pictured here, was some striped baker's twine hanging from the cork.

Danny took this lovely picture. I hope they are all happy in their new homes!