Since finishing college and becoming vegetarian, I've gotten more interested in cooking. Jillian bought me a great cookbook for my birthday and I tried a recipe the other day.

I used spinach, greens, a balsamic and olive oil dressing, toasted almonds, strawberries, and shaved parmesan.

Maybe if a design career doesn't pan out, I can start a food blog. It's crazy how there are so many blogs out there, how that whole industry sort of blew up overnight in the past couple years. Working in this studio, I have been exposed to a huge number of design, food and lifestyle blogs. It's a bit overwhelming, and it looks like so much work keeping one up, finding sponsors, building a readership...a whole business in itself. I wonder if I could ever build a blog up to be as successful as the hundreds of well-known blogs in my RSS feed. The thing is, it's definitely a full-time job to a lot of those people.

Oy. It will all come together someday.