Coming up roses

Something I really dislike about my apartment is the tiny, dark kitchen. It's tucked in the back of my place, with no windows to lighten things up.
Plus, the countertops are salmon colored formica. Salmon, guys. It's just not okay.

Anyway, I was getting tired of feeling so gross about my kitchen, so I dedided to liven things up!
I went downtown and picked up some super cute cheerful paper by Caroline Gardner at Hollander's and got down to business!

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I wasn't very technical with my application... I only had white masking tape lying around so I just rolled up litle bits of that and stuck it around
the edges of my cabinets, then cut the paper to size and smoothed it down.

I personally think it looks so much cuter and cheery now. It's not a permanent fix, but for a total of $11 it's not bad!