Black Bean Love

You might remember a few months back when I was worried about my cat, Zoey. She had a freckle in her eye that I was concerned about and I took her to an eye specialist. Everything checked out okay, and I was relieved, because I was reading way too many bad things on the internet. Yesterday I took her back in for a checkup, and it turns out my worst fears are confirmed. The freckle in her eye is now raised, which means she most likely has cancer. The only option is to remove her eye.
It's silly how upset a person can get about an animal, but she is truly like my family. I think pets are so special and important. The surgery is going to cost a lot of money, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure my little buddy can live a long, happy life.
I am a little upset because when I took her in for her first checkup 6 months ago, I could see with my own eyes that her freckle was raised inside of her eye. The doctor used a special lamp to look into her eye and said the freckle was flat. Yesterday, she used the same lamp and said the freckle was now raised, and then took pictures of Zoey's eye with her phone. I looked at the pictures and it looked exactly like what I have been seeing for the past year. It makes me a little unsure if this doctor was being truthful with me the first time around. So frustrating. I hope everything works out okay. Guess it's time to start researching cute eye patches!