The first

Today marks one month since I arrived in Chicago. I can't believe it's only been a month, really. For as fast as time passes here, it's also so much busier than living in Michigan, that I feel like for as much as I've done so far, 3 months might have passed by. But, nope. It's only been one month! I made a little photo recap of the past month of my life:

From left to right: 
1 // Packing up all my things in my tiny Ann Arbor apartment..Crazy how much stuff I've accumulated over the past 3 years! I remember moving in and literally not having ANY furniture. I think I was able to move all my belongings in a few bags and boxes. That's sure changed...

2 // Saying goodbye one last time to the place I called home for three years. Ann Arbor really was a beautiful place to live, and I met some great people there. It's the first city since moving away from my parent's house that I've actually felt like I could call my home. 

3 // Waking up for the first time to my new view. My neighborhood is absolutely beautiful. So much nicer than the parking lot I woke up to every day at my old apartment!

4 // Boxes boxes boxes boxes hundreds of boxes. 

5 // Venturing downtown for the first time. This is the station go to every morning when I commute to work.

6 // Exploring the city with Danny! The great thing about living here is that there is ALWAYS something new to do. Every time Danny visits we explore more places. It's like being on vacation every single time!

7 // Preparing for the first day at my new job! I'm already finishing up week #3 and I feel right at home. I love my job so far!

8 // visiting the Hemingway birthplace in Oak Park. So good!

As I get settled in I hope to be able to start working on some paintings again. The 30x30 was such a great challenge and now I want to do more! I also need to work on opening my etsy shop to sell all the paintings I still have from the show. Soon!