The 100 Day Project

I know I'm a little late to the game, but I'm participating in the 100 Day project on instagram, started by The Great Discontent. The idea is to create something, anything for 100 days in a row. A pretty good project for me, considering I am the worst at doing any personal work outside of the office.
So far I'm on Day 11 and feeling great! I decided to illustrate all the different foods I enjoy to show how much variety that is really available to me as a vegan, and to dispel the myth that vegans eat grass, dirt and plain salad. I'm going down the list alphabetically, so at this point it's all been whole fruits and veggies, but soon there will be some general meals and different ethnic cuisines highlighted as well. It's been fun! I'm not giving myself any parameters beyond that, as long as it's drawn, painted, digital, whatever I want!

My favorite so far: Day 7 / Bananas

Follow along on my instagram to see if I can keep this up for the whole 100 days!