Mail Goodies

Besides the expected netflix movie (I'm hooked!) once or twice a week, it's not very often I receive things in the mail.
Yesterday I walked up to my mailbox and found not only my latest movie (Hocus Pocus, if you were wondering!) but a halloween card and a package!! Jillian sent the book and it's perfect! Just the sort of thing I would love to have in my growing book collection. There are hundreds of photos in this book dating back to the 1800's, including shots of all the famous gangsters and criminals- Capone and Dillinger to name a few.
The card is from Caitlin, the illustration is just my style, and no, it is not too early to be getting halloween cards!! At the end of the week when it's finally time to turn over my skate deck to the gallery, I can start working on Halloween cards to send.

This month I plan on watching nothing but all the Halloween movies I remember growing up. Tonight is Hocus Pocus and next on the list is The Addams Family. I am having trouble putting together a longer list, but I know there are tons more. Please leave suggestions!